Chord Extension Workout-Lesson 1



In this lesson, I teach you how to start practicing major, minor and dominant chords all the way up to theĀ  13ths of each chord. The 9th, 11ths (#11ths) and 13th of major, minor and dominant chords are great notes that can really open up the possibilities you have to create melodic lines and more interesting solos. These notes give you more harmonic colors to play with and utilize, that will make your solos more interesting and compelling.

I give you a PDF with with all of the arpeggios written out. I teach you how to best practice this material in all 12 keys with major 7th, minor 7th and dominant 7th chords as well.

I demonstrate the concepts in this lesson on the tenor saxophone as well as piano. (PDF of Major, Minor and Dominant Chord Extensions, 33 Minute Video Lesson)


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