Beginner Alto Sax-Lesson Series Deal (only 39.99)



This is a 19 video lesson series on learning how to play the alto saxophone from the very beginning. This series of lessons will be focused on learning the fundamentals of playing the saxophone and developing good habits. This series will be primarily out of the Essential Elements 2000 Book 1 for alto saxophone so you will need that book to work out of. In these lessons,  I take you through all the basics of playing the alto saxophone step by step. Everything I teach you in this series would be what I teach a beginner player in their first year of saxophone. I cover topics such as embouchure, breathing, counting, rhythms, reading music, fingerings, hand placement, tonguing, how to practice, etc……..  These are great lessons for the beginner who wants to learn the correct way to play the sax and get the most out of it. (19 Video Lessons)

*You will need to purchase Essential Elements 2000 Book 1 for Eb Alto Saxophone to get the most out of these lessons


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