Beginner Alto Sax-Lesson 1

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This is the first lesson in a series on learning how to play the saxophone from the very beginning. This series of lessons will be focused on learning the fundamentals of playing the saxophone and developing good habits. This series will be primarily out of the Essential Elements 2000 Book 1 for alto saxophone so you will need that book to work out of. In this lesson I take you through the basics of how to put on your reed, how to hold the sax and how to form a correct embouchure. These are great lessons for the beginner who wants to learn the correct way to play the sax and get the most out of it. (Video)

1 review for Beginner Alto Sax-Lesson 1

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    I really enjoy your materials and teaching style. It is very well done.
    I’m a guitar player and I purchased this video for my 10 year old son. Right now I cannot afford private lessons and am using your video lesson to help him learn the basic on Alto sax until my financial situation changes.

    I used to work at music school and have purchased numerous instructional videos in the past to improve my own skills. Although I am a believer in video as a teaching medium, many times I’ve felt some level of disappointment by either the quality of the content or instruction.

    Over the last 3 years, I purchased several of your videos and the Approach Note Freedom book. They all have either met or exceeded my expectations. Thank you for your great instruction, attention to detail and thoughtful teaching style. I truly appreciate you and your work.

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