Altissimo Lesson-Alto Sax



The altissimo register of the saxophone refers to a group of notes that is above and beyond the normal range of the sax.  It can be one of the most challenging aspects of the sax to learn.  When I was a kid, I would listen to great sax players and they would play these incredibly soulful and emotional lines right up into the stratosphere.  I could not believe that someone could play so high on the saxophone.  Not only could they play those notes but they made them sound great up there.

Since that time, I have spent countless hours and years practicing the altissimo register.  I have quite a few video lessons already on this subject but all of those are on tenor.  I have been asked by a few members of my site if I could do a video lesson just for the alto altissimo register.  Here it is……….

In this lesson I talk about the fingerings I most often use to play the altissimo notes.  I include fingerings for all of these notes. I talk about their intonation tendencies and what I do to try to get them in to tune.  I talk in detail about how I change my embouchure, throat and tongue position in order to get these super high notes on the alto saxophone.  I hope you find this lesson beneficial and that it helps you progress further in the upper register of the saxophone.(34 Minute Video Lesson)


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