Chris Potter’s Incredible Scrapple from the Apple Tenor Saxophone Solo Transcription

Here is another great tenor saxophone solo by the always amazing, Chris Potter. If you are a tenor sax player, you probably know who Chris Potter is.  I first heard of him during the early 2000’s when a fellow musician told me about Chris’s amazing sax playing.   I have been listening to him ever since……..

Chris Potter

Chris Potter is known for his amazing technique, rhythmic complexity and advanced harmonic concepts and lines.  His improvised solos are always creative and on the cutting edge of exploring interesting new harmonic and rhythmic frontiers in my mind.   His tenor sax solo here on Scrapple from the Apple is no exception, he just kills it.

This is an acapella tenor saxophone solo of Scrapple from the Apple by Charlie Parker from the Liceu Conservatory Masterclass in Barcelona on October 23rd, 2021.   This a great tenor sax solo on this classic jazz standard.

When I first heard it, I thought that transcribing it would be pretty difficult and it was.  I was astounded as I wrote out the solo that Chris stuck pretty darn close to that 4/4 time signature.   My first couple of listens through the solo, I thought that this solo would for sure have some odd meter stuff in it even if Chris didn’t do it on purpose.  It just seemed like he was messing around with the time too much for him to keep that 4/4 beat perfect.   Boy, was I wrong.  When the transcription was finally done, from beginning to end, it had four beats per measure and the form was absolutely perfect.  I don’t know how he does it!  Amazing!

Special thanks, as always, to Chris Potter for all of his contributions to jazz music and the saxophone.  You can check out Chris Potter’s website to see what he is up to and what new recordings he has coming out.  I also must add that I am totally digging his tenor saxophone sound more and more on what I am assuming is a vintage metal Otto Link tenor mouthpiece.  Love it!

Chris Potter’s Incredible Scrapple from the Apple Solo Tenor Saxophone Transcription-Bb PDF

Chris Potter’s Incredible Scrapple from the Apple Solo Tenor Saxophone Transcription-Concert Key PDF

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