Jerry Bergonzi You’re My Everything Tenor Saxophone Solo Transcription

Here is another great tenor sax solo transcription by Dimitrii Sergheev.  This a solo by the great Jerry Bergonzi over the jazz standard “You’re My Everything”. Jerry Bergonzi is a great jazz tenor sax player and teacher from the New England area and if you went to school in Boston like I did, Jerry Bergonzi was the man to go see and study with.

Jerry Bergonzi “You’re My Everything” Tenor Saxophone Solo from “Tenor of the Times” CD

I love the profile article on Jerry Bergonzi on the NEC (New England Conservatory) website. Please take a minute to read it as it is well written, real and authentic.

As great a player as Jerry Bergonzi is, he is also an amazing teacher.  I studied with him for two time periods in the 90’s and he was always so patient, laid back and thorough in his approach to teaching.  Since that time, he has written 7 incredible books on jazz improvisation and played on a multitude of jazz recordings as a sideman and as a leader.

Special thanks to Dimitrii Sergheev who transcribed this solo and gave me permission to post it here.  Please support Dimitrii so that he is encouraged to keep transcribing these great sax solos!!!  You can find him at Dimtrii Sergheev’s Youtube where you can “like” and “follow” his page to keep up to date with his latest transcriptions.  You can also find him on his facebook page as well as hear samples of his sax playing on his soundcloud page.

Special thanks, as always, to Jerry Bergonzi for this great solo and all of his contributions to jazz music and the saxophone.

Jerry Bergonzi’s You’re My Everything Tenor Saxophone Solo Transcription-Bb PDF

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  1. Can you post the C version?
    There are guitarists out here too!

    • Unfortunately, I don’t have access to the Finale files that were used to create this transcriptions as it is not my transcription. Maybe the transcriber will see this and be willing to help……

    • Hi, my name is Eddie Parente, I’d sure love a copy transposed down a Major 9 if that is possible, I’d be in your debt and so appreciate this or any others. Usually Bb tenor transcriptions sound an octave lower, not being a tenor player I’ve never quite understood this, so I usually have to.transpose a major 9. Thanks in advance, cheers, Eddie

  2. Thanks for the others!
    I could use this as a transposition exercise…

  3. Hi, Steve,
    Jerry Bergonzi is the one who teaches the noembouchure embouchure, or am I wrong ?

  4. Avatar Giuseppe C. says

    The article is very interesting and also the story of how those who, initially “marginalized”, have transformed “marginalization” into something new to be created on their own …, rather than, perhaps, following the comfortable routine habit.
    Learning from personal experience combined with passion.
    I don’t know if it is my impression or not, but I find Bergonzi’s sound particular, beautiful and strange: as if his powerful and sonorous sound were a little bit, I don’t know how to define it … opaque? suffocated? …
    Yet it is beautiful.

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