Doug Webb Swingin’ Rhythm Changes Tenor Sax Solo Transcription

Here is a great solo by the tenor saxophone player Doug Webb.  Doug is a fantastic tenor player from the west coast (Los Angeles area).  I own a bunch of his albums including a Christmas CD entitled “Home for Christmas” which is my go to Christmas music when my family wants Christmas music but I want to secretly listen to a great tenor sax player!

Doug Webb is a totally swingin’ tenor player that has an incredible knowledge and sophistication to his playing that is incredible to listen to.  I love players that can take a solo outside harmonically but they do it so well that you don’t even realize it.  Doug is one of those players and besides all that, he has a gorgeous tenor and soprano sound!

Doug Webb-Tenor Saxophone

This is not a fancy video or recording but just what looks like an iPhone video of Doug Webb demonstrating a 10mFan Robusto Ultem 7** tenor sax mouthpiece while soloing on rhythm changes.  I assume he is playing to a Jamey Aebersold or Hal Leonard play along track.  The first time I heard this solo I knew I wanted to transcribe it!  Doug plays some amazing lines with a good mix of jazz language as well as many modern approaches to his lines that I was intrigued by.  I’m glad I took the time to transcribe it today!

Hope you enjoy the solo!  Thanks to Doug Webb for his incredible tenor sax playing!  Do yourself a favor and check out Doug Webb’s website and the many recording he has released as well!  If you appreciate the solo and Doug Webb’s playing please feel free to say so in the comments below………..  Thanks,   Steve

Doug Webb Tenor Sax Solo-Moose the Mooche

Doug Webb Tenor Sax Solo on Rhythm Changes-Bb PDF

Doug Webb Tenor Sax Solo on Rhythm Changes-Concert Key PDF

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  1. This is a gem!
    Thanks buddy. And thanks for introducing me to Doug. I’m hooked!

  2. Doug sounds terrific. I bought the 10Mfan Robusto 7** about a year ago but in the metal model. It would sound very much like this…if I were Doug…***sigh***

    • Bob, So true! I have found the best way to move towards someone else’s sound is by transcribing their solos and then playing along with them trying to copy their tone, phrasing and style. It’s a lot of work but if you spend 6 months constantly listening to them and playing along you will see progress…….Have fun! Steve

  3. Avatar Lincoln Apeland says

    The tone reminds me of Trane from the Miles Prestige albums.

  4. Steve, thank you so very much. You are very gracious sharing your gifts.

  5. Avatar Ed Spillane says

    Hey Steve, thanks for sharing! I’m a big fan of Doug’s and I was fortunate enough to meet him when he was playing with my teacher at The Lighthouse a few months ago. He has a fantastic tenor sound that just fills the room. Now I’m off to learn this in all 12 keys, thanks!

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