Transcription of Jeff Ellwood’s Solo on Days of Wine and Roses

Here’s another transcription from  Jeff Ellwood.  This is from another video of Jeff that I found on Facebook in the Jam of the Week group.  Jeff posted this this morning and totally messed up my whole day.  (Once I start transcribing, it’s hard for me to stop…….)

The video below is Jeff Ellwood playing a tenor sax solo over the standard “The Days of Wine and Roses”.  Jeff is the Jazz Saxophone Professor at Cal State Fullerton.   Seeing a post by him usually makes me stop whatever I’m doing and check it out!

Jeff Ellwood

Jeff has quite a unique approach and his lines make you wonder “Where the heck is this going?”  and “Will this ever resolve?” but rest assured Jeff does almost always resolve. (It just might not be where you think it should be…….)

I personally love Jeff Ellwood’s playing!  At my age it is refreshing to hear someone solo and not know where it’s going or even what the heck he is doing at times!   That’s why I had to transcribe it?

Check out the video below and the transcription.  Also check out his solo on “Just the Two of Us”  and  “Freedom Jazz Dance“which is also on my site.    Enjoy!

If you want to check out more of Jeff Ellwood and some of his transcriptions and books you can read more about him at Thanks Jeff!

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Jeff Ellwood soloing on Freedom Jazz Dance

Days of Wine and Roses-Jeff Ellwood Tenor Sax Solo Mp3(Right click and choose “save link as” to download mp3 to your computer)
Days of Wine and Roses-Jeff Ellwood Solo Bb

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  1. I just love this! Reminds me a little of Joe Lovano back when he played with Woody Herman. Toying with the tonal center! Love it.

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