Transcription of Danny Janklow’s Solo on Night and Day

Ok, so I’m going a little nuts with these Facebook “Jam of the Week” solo transcriptions. The truth is I love hearing some of these new young players on the scene posting their solos.  There is something raw and courageous about letting it all fly on a video clip for all to see that is exciting.

I also love that these are just one chorus.  It’s not a 23 chorus solo I have to commit the next 2 months of my life to transcribing and be overwhelmed about.  I can do one of these transcriptions in an hour or two.

Today’s transcription is of a Danny Janklow alto saxophone solo over the standard “Night and Day”. It’s on the video below that Danny posted to the Facebook “Jam of the Week” group this week.

Danny is a young happening player that first caught my ear when I was checking out the 2013 Monk Competition video I have posted here on my site.   Danny starts playing at the 31:00 minute mark and I remember thinking “Wow! He has a great energy and feeling!”  I listened to all the players in that competition and they all impressed me but something about Danny’s playing touched me emotionally. He was just so expressive, bluesy, emotional and energetic with his sax playing.

Danny’s solo on “Night and Day” caught my ear because it is fast and full of great lines that Danny makes sound so effortless.  (I also haven’t transcribed an alto sax solo in quite a while so it gave me an excuse to get it out of it’s case………)

Danny Janklow-Semi-Finalist 2013 Thelonious Monk Competition

Check out the video below and the transcription.     Enjoy!

Thanks again to Danny Janklow for all his energy and the great solo! If you want to find out more about Danny Janklow,  check out his site at

Danny Janklow soloing on Night and Day
Night and Day-Danny Janklow Eb

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  1. Thanks man. Really enjoy your jotw transcriptions! Keep up the good work!

  2. Great Night & Day solo by Danny Janklow. Thanks for sharing Steve!

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