Chris Potter Interview/Performance with Christian McBride

Another great interview and performance by the great saxophone player Chris Potter.  This was recorded from Christian McBride’s SiriusXM radio show “The Low Down”. The interview is fascinating and Chris has such a humble and real honesty about him that it is like he’s in your living room talking to you.  At the 7:45 mark they play a duo version of “Without a Song”.  I love the comment about Chris having a “bionic” ear right before they play. (I’m curious what the Joe Henderson changes to “Without a Song” are also…..?) At 26:50 they play an old Chris Potter tune called “All by All” which he wrote when he was 16.  At 35:12 Christian McBride gives Chris a blindfold test which I found  interesting and funny also.  At the 51:00 minute mark they play a fast blues that is smokin’  Hope you enjoy it as much as I have.  Thanks for the great playing and interview Chris Potter and Christian McBride.

PS.   I did some research into the Joe Henderson changes to “Without a Song” and found a lead sheet online that has these changes in the first 8 bars of the A section.  These happen in bars 1-8, 17-24 and 41-48.  The rest of the tune is pretty much the same. This version is from the Joe Henderson album “The Kicker”.   Very hip first 8 bars!  I love the sound of that A7#11 after the EbMaj7.



Here’s the Joe Henderson version to check out.

Without a Song-Joe Henderson changes from “The Kicker”

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  1. Avatar Kevin Ledbetter says

    Hey Steve, great changes using mostly the tritone substitions that you have some lessons about.

  2. just wanted to let you know you’re missing one chord in your Joe Henderson reharm changes of ‘Without a Song’:


    BMaj7/EMaj9#11/Dbmaj7#11/Fm7 Bb7/

    ‘Dbmaj7#11’ in 7th bar…2-5 back home in last bar (2 beats each)


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