Lamberson F Major 7 Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece

Today I’m reviewing a Fred Lamberson F Major 7 soprano saxophone mouthpiece.  Fred Lamberson is a great mouthpiece maker that I have known about for years.  I’ve tried most of his mouthpieces on my tenor saxophone and one of my favorite is my Lamberson J7.  Over the years,  I have never tried a Lamberson soprano mouthpiece though.  I borrowed this mouthpiece from Timothy James who was nice enough to let me try it for a week.  Tim’s website is at .

Lamberson F Major 7 Soprano Sax Mouthpiece

This mouthpiece doesn’t have any numbers on it but I am told that it is a .070 tip.  It has what I would consider a medium high baffle that ends in a squeezed circular chamber.  The chamber is quite a bit smaller than my Theo Wanne Gaia mouthpiece.

The Lamberson F Major 7 played easily with a Vandoren Java #3 reed.  It has a nice center and focus to the tone because of the higher baffle.  The intonation was great.  It had a sweetness to the sound that I really loved.  Also, the notes have a certain depth and thickness to them that I really liked.  This mouthpiece is more resistant than the Gaia but like have said in other posts,  this is a healthy nice resistance that allows the player to shape and mold the sound.   I recorded this about 2-3 feet in front of my soprano bell.  I’m not totally convinced that this is the best way to record soprano because the different notes have a different timbre depending on what’s coming out the bell at the mic but that’s what I’m doing until I find a better way.

If you like the sound of this mouthpiece check out .  I’m not sure if Fred Lamberson is still making mouthpieces but if you are lucky enough to run across one give it a try!

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  1. Hi Steve, I think this is the best sounding sop piece you posted so far, in my opinion. It reminds me of my soloist for some reason. I love it.

  2. Hey Steve. This sounds a lot less nasal than the Theo Wanne Gaia soprano piece. I know that they’re really flexible. I have two FMaj7’s for my alto. They are really great pieces that I can use in almost any situation. Although, for Alto, I switch back and forth from those to a Jon Von Wie refaced Meyer Bros. That I picked up a couple of years ago.

    Would you get off of the Theo piece if you had one of the FMaj7’s for soprano?

    • Thanks Jared. I did like the sound of the Lamberson a lot. As far as the Gaia………..I need to do another recording with a better reed. On that clip all I had were Java 3 reeds and they were too soft for it. I can hear it when I listen to the clip. I’ll do another with 3 1/2 and see how that sounds. To be honest, the Gaia is just so easy to play. Blows great and the intonation is right on. The Lamberson had more resistance to it. Maybe I was feeling that because I have been playing the Gaia for the last 6 months. I might end up getting a Lamberson also…….we’ll see. I would say it is up there as one of my favorites.

  3. Avatar Lenny Levy says

    I’ve got an FMaj7 soprano mouthpeice for sale right now. Tip is a size 6 and condition is perfect barely used. I don’t think Fred is making mouthpeices at all anymore so these are almost impossible to get.
    I’m asking $800 but am open to any offers. One of these went for a whopping $3000 on ebay a few years ago. Its got to be some kind of record I think.
    pics are available

    Lenny Levy

  4. Dear Steve,
    after listened the record, I’m very interested in this -Lamberson F Major 7 Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece.
    but I’m in China, and I want to know the price and how to get it.

    thank you very much for your kinldy reedback.


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