Great hour long interview with Joshua Redman

Here’s a great link to an interview with the great tenor saxophone player Joshua Redman.  Joshua has been one of my favorite tenor players since I first heard him in the mid 90’s.  I think the first album I bought was “Freedom in the Groove”.  Soon after that I bought every one of Joshua Redman’s recordings I could find.  Since then, I have continued to buy every album as they have come out.  One of the ones I have listened to the most has been “Moodswing” but to be honest all of his recordings have a special interest and attraction to me.  If I go back and look through them all I have special memories of all of them.  I’ve probably listened to each one thousands of times.  This is a great look into the mind and history of a great artist.  It is an interesting to hear about his views about music, jazz and improvisation from an articulate humble musician.  Gary Giddins does a great job asking some insightful and probing questions.  If you love Joshua Redman then you owe it to yourself to listen to this……… Check it out.  Joshua comes out at about 4 minutes into the video in case you get impatient.

P.S.  If you have ever been down on your own playing listen at about 43 minutes and see how Joshua feels about his own playing on one of his tunes.

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