Mouthpiece Cafe Bergonzi Slant Tenor Mouthpiece

Everything I’ve played of Brian Powell’s I’ve loved and this is no exception.  This is his new Bergonzi Slant model.  The Bergonzi Slant by Mouthpiece Cafe plays effortlessly and has a beautiful tone to it. I’ve never played a great slant but I’ve been told my Early Babbitt HR link plays like one.   I would say this Bergonzi Slant plays just as well as my EB link which is one of my favorite pieces.

For the sound clips I just played a simple “My Foolish Heart” and a bit of “Doxy”.  Check it out and let me know what you think. listen…​…..

My Foolish Heart Clip

Doxy Clip

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Steve Neff has been playing and teaching saxophone and jazz improvisation around the New England area for the last 30 years. He is the author of many effective jazz improvisation methods as well as founding the popular jazz video lesson site


  1. Steve,

    Is this one of Brian’s hard rubber models or the resin models? I noticed he produces this mouthpiece in both materials and I just wondered which you were playing in the clip.

  2. Avatar Iain Ferguson says


    That mouthpiece has the most flexible sound of the lot.
    What tip opening was it and what type and strength of reed were you using?

  3. Avatar rini from the SOTW says

    I bought this mpc just recently, mainly because of the positive impression I got after carefully listening – countless times – to your mouthpiece clips on this site.
    It’s really a wonderful mouthpiece and is now my main piece. Thank you Steve.

  4. Avatar Phil Davidson says

    Well took punt on an ebay HR 7* Bergonzi Slant supreme….Mouthpiece Cafe….a beast of a tone….just the best mouthpiece I’ve ever played….your notes and others decided me and its got the 60s Blue note tone….on a Yammy UL82Z….great piece its a keeper…

    • That’s great to hear Phil! I love hearing about players finding their perfect mouthpiece. Makes what I am doing here that much more meaningful and personal. Thanks, Steve

  5. how would one tell if it was the hard rubber or resin model

    • Philippe, Not sure? I usually have to ask the maker………

      • Avatar Phil Davidson says

        There is an R stamped on mine which I believe and have read somewhere equates to Rubber……. Obviously it could also = Resin but that isn’t what I found out….hope it is of some use🤔

  6. Avatar Arya Boustani says

    Hi Steve, is this the same as Bergonzi Slant “Supreme”? I’m trying to get a good player especially for subtones to low Bb and relatively easy and good sounding overtones for standard jazz yet versatile player (perhaps in the vicinity of EB hard rubber Link but with slightly more versatility and a bit more focus and punch. Something that performs well playing soft but with good dynamic range i.e. decent projection if I push it). Earlier I was looking into 10mFan Robusto which I’m still interested for having all those tonal qualities but I thought I pick your brain comparing Cafe Saxophone BSS vs. 10mFan Robusto. I appreciate it.

    • Arya, In comparison the Bergonzi Slant was more spread sounding. The Robusto is more focused and clear but fat sounding. Some people consider fat and spread the same but I think of them differently. Spread is more hazy around the edges of the tone. You can have a fat tone that is spread or a fat tone that is focused. I found the Robusto to have a fat focused tone. I find the Robusto to have a very clean and pure sound to it. If you like more grain and artifacts in your sound then you might rather go for the Bergonzi Slant, 10mFan Classic or even the Navarro Bebop Special. I personally really dig the fat purity of tone I get with the Robusto. Hope this helps, Steve

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