Freddie Gregory Mark II 7* Tenor Mouthpiece

Let me know what you think of this one. This is a Freddie Gregory Mark II 7* piece. It is made of hard rubber and looks as perfect as you will ever find.  I traded my Freddie Gregory Mark II 8* for this piece. I love this mouthpiece although at times I take it out and it seems to dark for me on a pop gig.   Last week I played it on a wedding gig and it seemed plenty bright enough where I needed it. My problem is I love all these pieces.  I have a Lamberson J7 next on the list. Steve

Here’s the Freddie Gregory again on “My One and Only Love”  so you can hear it in a different setting.

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Steve Neff has been playing and teaching saxophone and jazz improvisation around the New England area for the last 30 years. He is the author of many effective jazz improvisation methods as well as founding the popular jazz video lesson site


  1. I have one Freddie Gregory mark ll 9 ebony.
    I is exelent Mouthpiece .
    Great work by master.

    • Yeah, they are great pieces. I would love to run across a Mark II 8 and a Mark IV 8. If I had the money I would order them from Mr. Gregory but that is a pretty big payment to make…….

  2. Yes it is big payment.
    Let me tell You about opening I pley’d a ebony Links -9 and 10 . but Mr.Gregory peace whos litl to open for me .But just in start time.
    Intresting things..
    Now I still hew MK2 – 9 ebony .And MARCA JAZZ 2.5 reeds….

  3. Avatar Peter Hoffmann says

    Yes the Gregories sound great. I had a MK IV 7** – and used it the last 8 years. But I found a Guardala MB I (original) – this mpc blows just a little better in all registers – it’s in my opinion one of the best mpcs for pop,jazz amd rockmusic.

    I ordered in spring 2009 a Freddie Gregory HR MK II 7** for a more jazzy/ darker sound – paid the money and I’m
    still waiting for my mouthpiece!!!
    I’m very angry because Freddie tells a lot of stories why he is’nt able to do his work.
    He promised me to make the mpc in 2,5 months…
    Now it’s October !!!!!
    I hope that I will receive the mpc in this life!

    He is making great mpcs but not very honest with his customers
    (I read the same story of another saxophonist) – if your name is not Bob Mintzer…

    Kind Regards

    • Sorry to hear about your long wait. On the plus side I’m glad he doesn’t rush his work and put out mediocre mouthpieces. I’d rather get it late and receive a masterpiece than get it quickly and get a piece that doesn’t play well. Let me know when you get it and how it plays………

  4. Avatar Peter Hoffmann says

    O.K. – yesterday I got my HR MK II 7** – and it blows me away!
    It’s the easiest blowing mpc I’ve ever played – in all (from the lowiest to the highest) registers.
    You can play it very smooth – but also with a very hard attack.
    You can change the sound from dark to bright – it’s all possible.
    Will see how it works with my fusionband – hope it will be loud
    enough and cut through.
    Kind regards

  5. Avatar Peter Hoffmann says

    Compared to my MK IV it has a darker sound – but not very much.
    To me this new HR MK II is easier to play than my old metal MK IV – the flageolets are easier and also in the low register it sounds wonderful.
    You can play the high register bright and also “fat” sounding (I dont’t know how to explain it better).
    It’s strange – but it’s hard to decide if my Guardale MB I
    or the Gregory MKII works better for me.
    But there is no doubt that the Gregory has the more “sophisticated” sound. I think I know now why Bob Mintzer changed from a metal to a HR Gregory.
    Kind Regards

  6. Avatar Iain Ferguson says

    I’ve got an HR Freddie Gregory MK2 7* made with the grained ebonite he also uses. It’s an absolute work of art, faultless in every way. It’s rich and warm but you can get edge as well. Actually I don’t play it that much now because I went back to my Guardala Traditional. Maybe I should just sell them both which will force me into settling on one of the New Vintage links…..decisions?

  7. Iain. I have HR Freddie Gregory MKll 8 and new Vintage link also.Trust FG is much better in all aspects.It is hend madet and totaly checked out by Fredrick.
    I refaced my New Otto Link ebony in Kay Siebold’s (
    So now it works well. But no fabrik madet mpc can beat hand made FG peaces.
    Blessings to all..:)

  8. Hi Steve just want to say thanks for this great place. My old Meyer mouthpiece was long overdue for ‘retirement’ and all the info and sound clips here where very useful to me in my search for a new piece. I got one of Freddie’s HR mark II 6* tenor mouthpieces, and have been playing it for the last couple of weeks now. It has almost the same blowing resistance as my Meyer but the tone and response on this piece is amazing, well worth the very, very long wait.
    And by the way, it looks good too;-)


  9. Hello there 🙂

    Some of you may have come across my father – Freddie Gregory in the Saxophone industry as the mouthpiece craftsman. In his celebration since his passing, I have created a Tribute Page to share with all of you. If you have any experiences or stories with my father I would love to hear, so please do stop by on the page and say hello! 🙂

    With Love,
    Joanna Gregory

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