Berg Larsen 120/1 SMS Tenor Mouthpiece

This is the first Berg Larsen I  have ever played.  It’s one of the stainless steel ones.  A friend of mine said he found this and it was a good mouthpiece so I scooped it up.  Although it has a high baffle it isn’t that bright sounding but has a big full loud sound.

I like it because it has tons of power but isn’t disgustingly bright like other pieces I’ve played with high baffles. For some reason I feel like doing a Rock n’ Roll gig with this one.

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Steve Neff has been playing and teaching saxophone and jazz improvisation around the New England area for the last 30 years. He is the author of many effective jazz improvisation methods as well as founding the popular jazz video lesson site


  1. Avatar deolsaxman says

    Hi Steve,
    I’m partial to Bergs. I can tell that you were just dying to take it out to a R&R gig, probably so much so that you didn’t try to hard for a low full sound.
    I’ve got a 100/0, a 120/0 and a 160/0, (among others)and now planing to get a 120/1 or 2. Glad I heard you on this.

  2. Hi Steve is this mouthpiece avalable? I am looking for an old berg metal fat body not the new skinny body 120/0 or 130/0 or over 1 sms bullet chamber or if you have anything close please help me find a nice old berg metal Give a call or email if you can Thank you so much

  3. hi steve, was wondering if you find the streamlined feel of the bergs strange in your mouth…especially if playing a long gig….

  4. Steve that Berg rocks! Big full sound. Just ordered a vintage one myself to try out. Thanks for the clip I think it rates up there with some of your best sounding pieces.

  5. Avatar Mark Peotter says

    I am looking for another tenor metal mouthpiece. Currently I am using a Brillhart “Level Air”. I love the brightness, but I can feel the right and left edges of the reed on my skin. Distracting. How does Berg Larson compare? Does the reed hang over the rails?

    • Mark,
      The Berg’s I have tried didn’t have thin rails that the reed hung over. My first tenor mouthpiece in college was a Level Air. I’m not a big fan of those mouthpieces, I always felt like I was fighting with it as it seemed to want to lock me into a certain bright sound and I wanted more variety in my sound……..

  6. Avatar Mark Peotter says

    Thank you for the response. I just tried a new Berg yesterday. The rails are quite thin, just like a new Dukoff’s. The whole thing is small, like a metal alto mouthpiece. The tenor reed does barely extend over the rails, but not as much as the Level Air. After closer inspection of my Level Air, the reed width is perfect at the tip, then it becomes narrower 1/2 inch later into the reed. I remember trying a clarinet mouthpiece with the same shape and I hated it. But, I love the sound I get with the Level Air, so, for now, I am thinking of a way to ADD a thin layer on the outside. Challenging…..

  7. Avatar Mark Peotter says

    I agree your comment about the Level Air, how it “forces” you into a certain sound.
    As one of my collegues says “It’s one of those mouthpieces that does all the work for you.”
    However, it just happens to be what I am looking for,
    a hint of distortion at low volume and then more distortion and brightness as the volume increases.

    If you have any suggestions to ADD circumference to the outside of the piece, please share?

    mark peotter

  8. Avatar Michael Rosenthal says

    Sounds great Steve. Full and rich with nothing shrill or thin about the sound, but then again that’s most likely you and not just the Berg.

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