Vandoren V16 Hard Rubber T6

This is a Vandoren  tenor sax mouthpiece I picked up in a local music store for a student of mine. I tried a  Vandoren T7 and this  Vandoren T6 and I liked this T6 quite a bit more on my tenor.  It has a long roll over baffle that continues right down into the chamber.  The chamber looks smaller to me than a hard rubber  otto link so it gives it a bit more focus and pop to the sound.

This T6 plays very well with a nice crisp sound to it.  I have heard some people say that these new V16’s are similar to old slant signature hard rubber links.  This one has a nice middle of the road sound. You can play softer and get a bit darker and mellower sound for those tenor ballads or if you lay into it you can get a pretty bright and loud sound for the wailin’  rock tenor solos.  Vandoren mouthpieces have always been one of the more consistent brands out there. I’ve never played a bad Vandoren. I think my student is really going to love this piece. It’s a great step up from his Yamaha 4C he has now.  Let me know what you think.  Listen………

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Steve Neff has been playing and teaching saxophone and jazz improvisation around the New England area for the last 30 years. He is the author of many effective jazz improvisation methods as well as founding the popular jazz video lesson site


  1. Avatar rudyrude says

    It does have a very nice sound, do they have any for the alto

  2. Hey Steve and commenter,
    I have a T9 and an A8- so yes it is available for alto (T stands for tenor, A stands for alto in their system).

    I really like the sound. The only problem with the narrower tip openings seemed to be a lack of volume- but that’s only an issue if you play with loud groups.

  3. Nice sound! Does the T7 and T8 (that Kirk Whalum plays) have the same long roll over baffle?

    • I played a T7 that I didn’t care for at all. It didn’t have a nice core sound to me. All mouthpieces are different though so I might try another T7 that is amazing. I have learned not to judge a mouthpiece line on one mouthpiece that I tried.

  4. wow, nice tone. What reed / reed size are you using here? 🙂

  5. Avatar PJ *Jazz Man* Azzopardi says

    I’m going down to Long and MqQuade today to pick up this mouthpiece, lets hope I make somethin’ out of it!!!

  6. I like the overall sound of this. Steve is spot on about it being mellow or bright edgy whichever the player wants. Altissimo notes are also easy on this piece, it just pops out.

  7. Funnily enough I just tried a T7 and a T6 today and was surprised to find the T7 much smoother, with a fuller core.. whereas the T6 seemed empty. But that’s just what Steve was saying.. right?

  8. What I meant is that each mouthpiece is different, especially these V16s that are hand finished. The T6 lacked pop for me whereas the T7 I tried was full of itself.
    Thanks for you help Steve.

  9. Nice sound Steve…Thanks for the review and helpful information.

  10. What kind of ligature do you use for this?

  11. Nice sound Steve I think I’ll try a V16 T6

  12. Avatar Federico says

    Hello I’d like to listen to V16 T7 as well for a comparison… is it possible?

  13. Good Sound! I’m interested in a V16 T8, you know if is easy start play a Low Bb/B using subtone with this mouthipiece?

  14. Avatar Kevin Goodall says

    I have a V16 T8 and I was pleasantly surprised how free blowing it was I use a Vandoren Lig with 2.5 ZZ Reeds. I also have a V16 Metal 6 the 40s large chamber. its very powerful for a 6

    Vandoren Mouthpieces are beautifully made. there are so many models its best to find a shop were you can try a few but if you have to buy blind then the V16 rubber T8 is a great mouthpiece. I am now wondering what a V16 T9 would be like. !!

  15. Avatar Edward Spillane says

    Yeah I use the V16 T7 piece with a Francois Louis Ultimate, V16 3 reeds and it works great. For me it produces a very rich, focused, and resonant sound which is what I like. I think the long baffle helps quite a bit with altissimo as well. The low notes subtone and speak well on this piece. I think it’s dynamicly flexible too with good air support.

  16. Interesting how these pieces are always referred to as a good student piece even though they are played by numerous high profile professionals. In fact I don’t think there is another mouthpiece out there that is played by so many pros. Sure, there are tons of pros that play Links but most don’t play a current production model.

  17. Avatar Daniel Garcia says

    Hi Steve
    When you say that this mouthpiece will be good for a student, I think that it is not a proper piece for a professional. However there are many professionals using this piece. I would like your opinion on this. I love your work and I always follow your tests.

    • Daniel, I’m saying it’s good for a student because it is more affordable than many pieces out there and it also plays quite well. The combination of those two things make it a great piece to play for a high school student. Steve

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