Two Chris Potter Transcriptions from “Song for Anyone” CD

Here are two Chris Potter transcriptions that I received from  Corey Armstrong for tenor sax.  I haven’t had the time to check them out note for note but these are two great solos from the “Song for Anyone” CD and must have taken quite a bit of time to figure out. Corey said I could share them if I like so here you go. The thing that fascinates me about Chris Potter is his rhythmic concept. It’s so free and flowing. He plays with the time continuously.  Check out Chief Seattle. Note that in many instances he’s just playing sixteenth notes but he accents the notes in unique ways.  The odd accents changes the sound of the sixteenth notes to make it sound very unique.  It’s a cool concept to explore. Thanks to Chris Potter for the great solos and Corey Armstrong for the hard work on the transcriptions. Enjoy!



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