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This is a great beginning lesson on using triad pairs to improvise. i talk about what triad pairs are and how to practice and use them over a 12 bar blues. Included in this lesson is a written 3 chorus solo on a C blues utilizing 2 different triad pairs. I talk about how to create lines using this concept that are hip and refreshing. If you haven’t studied this concept before then this is a great lesson to really change your approach to a blues in a great way. I demonstrate all the examples on tenor using a BP NY link .108 with my own custom baffle in it. (24 minute audio lesson)

2 reviews for Triad Pair Blues Audio Lesson

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    Great Fun!!! A fantastic way to add some variety to playing over blues changes. If you’ve been enjoying Steve’s other blues lessons, combining this approach with the blues scale and bebop scale material, really expands your vocabulary on the blues. It’s a very simple concept with endless possibilities. Steve does a great job of presenting the ideas in a way that’s easy to understand and more importantly, easy to apply to your blues playing right now. Five Stars!

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    Hi Steve – the Triad Pairs Blues lesson is amazing – just kept me going for hours! I have found the whole thing of working with triads very difficult because the sound is so un-jazz!! Sounds like I’m doing classical music practice. Oh no! But this combination of triad pairs is great as the sounds are so cool – especially mixing in the tritone pair C/F# as well and using the Aebersold Dominant Vol 84 play along in all keys and throwing in pentatonics and blues scales as that’s what I’m working on as well at the moment. The variety of sounds is just great and as I played I realized that that is what players are doing sometimes – mixing and contrasting scales. Another great lesson with so much to work on – thanks! Ken

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