The Style of Michael Brecker Lesson 8-Alternate Fingerings



In lesson 8 of “The Style of Michael Brecker”, I start teaching you about some of the alternate fingering patterns Brecker would use in his solos. I show you the alternate fingerings and some of the licks that Brecker played.

I show you 10 licks that Brecker used on various recordings. These 10 licks are relatively simple but they will get you started with Breckerish licks. He plays these 10 licks on many solos and albums.

I have included a PDF of the 10 licks that also tells you  what song and at what time you can hear Brecker play the lick for 6 of the licks.  I show you each lick and the fingerings I use to get it.

I demonstrate all the licks on the tenor saxophone.  This lesson is specifically for saxophone players. (34 Minute Video Lesson and PDF)


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