Long Tones Lesson 2



“You have to work on your Long Tones” How often have you heard that or read about it and had no idea what they are talking about?  How many hours have you spent holding a note while trying not to fall asleep from boredom?

In this lesson I take you through my experiences and thoughts on long tone exercises.  These are not  just exercises that are meant to be done mindlessly but done intentionally and with focus.  I teach you step by step about what you should be focused on while playing these exercises and long tones. I take you through the proper way to breathe and support your tone.  I also talk in depth about how to practice playing at 90% volume as well as very softly while still supporting the air stream. This is lesson 1 and is continued in Lesson 2 where I talk about all the way you can manipulate and change your sound by experimenting with small thing to make a big difference in your sound. (Video)


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