Chad Lefkowitz-Brown transcription of Tenor Sax Dexterity Solo

Today I am sharing a transposed part to a solo transcription done by Joey Lieber (pianist).  Joey shared this tenor saxophone transcription on Facebook in C last week and I wanted to transpose it to Bb for tenor saxophone ASAP as this was a very cool solo……..

This transcription is of a solo that Chad Lefkowitz-Brown played over the changes to Dexterity.   Here is the original video of the solo Lefkowitz-Brown Dexterity Solo. There is a group on Facebook called “Jam of the Week” and Chad posts a lot of acapella solos on there over common jazz standards.  I have discovered some great young players around the world on many instruments by checking out some of the videos in this group. It is very cool!!

There is even a young women who walks back and forth during the video and Chad’s lines just keep flowing………very focused player!

Chad Lefkowitz-Brown

Chad Lefkowitz-Brown is one of the new young lions out there leading the way with his unique style and versatility.  You can checkout his website for more information about him as well as some great recordings and videos.  Thanks again to Joey Lieber for doing the original transcription and sharing it with all of us.   Enjoy!

Chad Lefkowitz-Brown Solo on Dexterity Bb PDF

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