Michael Brecker’s “My One and Only Love”

I’ve been getting back into a Brecker kick over the last few weeks and found this video on Youtube today.  It reminds me of the first time I saw Michael Brecker in 1986 with Steps Ahead.  Such an intense energy and passion.   He was a true master of the tenor saxophone.  Enjoy!

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Steve Neff has been playing and teaching saxophone and jazz improvisation around the New England area for the last 30 years. He is the author of many effective jazz improvisation methods as well as founding the popular jazz video lesson site Neffmusic.com.


  1. Beautiful. It was on his first album solo as a bonus track on the CD. Wonderful interpretation, 100 % Brecker !

  2. Michael Brecker uno de mis mayores referentes musicales,Una historia de vida fuerte y un ejemplo de ser humano. Se lo extraña mucho.

  3. Michael Brecker was simply THE BEST! I first heard him back in the early 1970’s with a band called Dreams. He was unbelievable even back then! I had the honor to hear Mike B. Live several times throughout the years, most notably back in late 1977-78 at a club called Seventh Avenue South in NYC. It was at this club that I met Mike and had the opportunity to talk with him at length about his set-up. He was playing a Berg Larsen mouthpiece at that time, I forget the tip opening, but I remember being somewhat surprised at how easy going and forthcoming he appeared to be. Michael Brecker was, and will remain, a Master of the tenor saxophone. He is one of the few saxophonists who have actually extended the lexicon and boundaries of the instrument! I hope that in the future somewhere does an indepth report on Brecker’s unique use of the altissimo register, which was, and is, phenomenal!

  4. Avatar Wesley Gray says

    I bought this CD as well as Ernie Watt ‘s “Body And Soul ” at the same time, and both featured ‘My One And Only Love’. Talk about contrasts! Two great tenorists taking completely different approaches to this old warhorse!

  5. Avatar Jonathan Vickers says

    Excuse me Mr. Neff, I was wondering if you had sheet music with this video I looked around the page for it and couldn’t seem to find it. Thank you I’m sorry if i just missed it.

  6. I don’t have any sheet music for this solo, Sorry. The tune itself is in most Real Books nowadays. You can probably find it on the internet pretty easily if you look around……….

  7. Avatar Kenneth Herbst says

    I think it should be a requirement for all players to have sweat running down their face when they play like this.

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