SAXZ “Vintage 1950” Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

This is a SaxZ “Vintage 1950” hard rubber alto saxophone mouthpiece.  SaxZ is a company in Japan which is run by Mitsu Watanabe.  I reviewed a SAXZ Dave Sanborn model which was a very modern sounding mouthpiece about a month ago.  This alto saxophone mouthpiece is SAXZ’s version of a vintage 1950 type mouthpiece.

SAXZ  “Vintage 1950” Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

This mouthpiece looks great.  The tip and rails were even and well cut.  The baffle was a rollover baffle that declines smoothly into a medium size chamber.

I’m not sure how much of a 1950’s vibe that I felt with this mouthpiece.  It was  a very powerful, full and bright sounding mouthpiece.  The intonation was good and it was very easy to play throughout the range of the horn.

Here are some words about the mouthpiece from Sax-ccessories site that sells them.:

“The Saxz Vintage 1950 alto sax mouthpiece has a husky and dark sound with a lot of buzz like a 1950’s sound. This mouthpiece has very quick response and all the playability and very good pitch that you find in today’s mouthpieces. This is a mouthpiece that offers outstanding performance. It features a low baffle with medium large chamber. It has a hand-finished body, tip, and side rails.”

SAXZ  “Vintage 1950” Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

You can hear the brightness and edge in the sound in the audio clip below.  For me,  it had more of a modern sound although, when I think 1950’s alto players I guess the names that come to mind are Paul Desmond, Phil Woods, Sonny Stitt, Bud Shank, Art Pepper and Charlie Parker,  I think most of those guys were probably in there twenties or thirties during the 50’s.  When I think of those players sounds I do think of a brighter alto sound so I can see where this could have a 50’s vibe to it.  It certainly could be a great lead alto mouthpiece because of the brightness and power it has.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Thanks, Steve

SAXZ  “Vintage 1950” Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

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  1. I own both the tenor (8) and the alto (7) version of this saxz 1950 piece.
    I can’t say enough great things about them.
    In the alto version it almost makes me laugh so much i like it.
    I was coming from a vintage HR Ponzol and had a Link as well.
    Nothing wrong with them of course, but this just has character for days.
    And it can both be smokey and velvety and sing open and clear.
    Free blowing, easy, and full of complexity at every volume and speed.
    It doesn’t sound modern, but it never sounds limited.

    I also think that the ligature that Steve mentions in the recording, the vandoren optimum, is a stellar match.
    With its most free vibrating pressure plate, the number 3, there is really no limit to what this mouthpiece allows you to do.
    thumbs way up!

  2. Avatar Joseph Adeleye says

    I like the sound of this piece. I just like the Tone – it sounded a little vintage in my ears. I am sincerly hopping to hear more sound clips of it (if available) on You tube and eventually buy one.


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