This is a new LAW mouthpiece I received in the mail yesterday from Mr. Waldron. I really dug this one and played it for awhile this morning.  The LCD stands for Large Chambered Dark but I don’t consider it a really “dark” piece.  It’s not as bright as the “Buzzer” or the “MCB” but it still has some kick to it when you push it. The thing I really like about it was how fat the sound is on it.

When I play it in my garage it just has this huge fat sound that fills the room up. I find that it gives me a sound that I can manipulate to play straight ahead or even the “smooth jazz” kind of sound if needed.  I think of Cannonball when I’m playing this piece. I like that I can really fill this one up with air big time.  As I listen to the recording it almost seems to have more of a tenor quality to the tone because it is bigger and deeper sounding.  Great job Lawrie.

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  1. A great Cannonball recording I can recommend is the live album made in San Francisco by his quintet;
    …here are some songs with fantastic solo’s of Cannonball;

    This Here


    Spontanious Combustion

    One other favorite record of mine of Cannonball is “Know what I mean?” With superb solowork, this song is my most loved one.


    • Thanks Jeroen, That grooveshark site is great. I was listening to all these miles Davis recording I never heard before yesterday morning. I also love Cannonball’s San Francisco album……

  2. Your Welcome… :)))
    It is remarkable that this site is so unknown! There’s a lot Miles Davis on it! And it is a nice resource.
    I even put on it the final concert in Paris of Miles Davis, a few months later he died if I am correct. You can find it under the album name Black Devil & MIles Davis…(It’s a bootleg)

    Still I love your playing on all those mouthpieces!!


  3. Hey steve,

    you ever try one of morgan fry’s NYZ alto pieces? I listened to a clip of it and its killer! Real Cannonball sound with a bit of spread

  4. Its on Morgan’s site. He has sound clips on the right side of the page I believe. Real killer sound. The player is great, but I’ve been so curious as to getting that real cannonball sound. As I’m sure you know, Cannonball played a NY Meyer Bros piece, but his sound had no edge to it that I’ve noticed which is abnormal to these sorts of pieces. Whenever I look for “the Cannonball” sound I always end up with a nice Meyer piece that’s too bright up top or doesn’t have the fatness and power I like to it. The Morgan Fry piece fixes all these problems (as far as the recording tells me) with a beautiful bit of spread at the end of each note that adds a little flavor to it in my opinion. If I did order one, I could just ask Fry to take the spread out.

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