Monthly Silver Lesson Subscription

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$30.00 now, and $30.00 on the 1st of each month

First payment: November 1, 2022


This is a monthly subscription option for students who wish to get a reduced rate on my audio and video lessons. Subscribers will be able to download any 4 lessons they choose each month from my extensive audio and video lesson library. As a Monthly Silver Lesson Subscriber, you will be able to save 10 dollars a month from the everyday store price of these lessons which is 40 dollars.

Monthly renewal payments will be charged on the 1st day of each month regardless of original purchase date so that your subscription will continue into the next month. Eg. If you start your subscription on January 17th you will be charged 30 dollars for the January lessons you will choose. The next payment for February’s lessons will be on February 1st. You will then be able to get 4 more lessons of your choosing in February. Your subscription will automatically renew each month until cancelled. (The lessons for each month must be downloaded during that month or you will lose them)

Please visit the FAQ page of the site for the specifics on downloading your lessons and other frequently asked questions. Thanks, Steve

1 review for Monthly Silver Lesson Subscription

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    Matt Winn

    I have to say, the lessons have been great!
    I’m working through a bunch of different things at the same time and I really feel my playing has improved noticeably already. Wish I’d found your site years ago. I think one thing I’ve really noticed with the lessons, is that it’s one thing to get a pattern full of books, but to hear someone playing them and then suggesting different ways of using them makes a massive difference.

    I also find that the improvements I make are quite quantifiable and it creates the enthusiasm to put more hours in. In London right now there’s more jam sessions than ever before and I feel comfortable playing with a lot of great musicians in a way I wouldn’t have done previously. I also picked up a residency…

    Keep up the fantastic work.


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