Frequently Asked Questions

1.What does it mean to have a subscription?

That means that every month, 3 months, 6 months or year you will send me a payment to have access to 4 lessons (Silver plan) or 10 lessons (Gold plan) from the “Member’s Area”  Monthly Lessons page per month for the time period of the subscription.  You set up the subscription through your paypal account so if you don’t have one, you will have to open one to become a member.  Click here to start a subscription through paypal.

2.When does the subscription end?

The one year, 6 month and 3 month subscriptions ends on the last day of the final month of the subscription.  They do not automatically renew.  The 1 month subscriptions are reoccurring.  Your membership will continue until you cancel it manually.  (canceling is very easy……….the directions are below)

3.Now that I have a subscription…… do I get my lessons?

As a paid Neffmusic member you are entitled to download any 4 lessons (Silver plan) or 10 lessons (Gold plan) a month as part of your membership.

To get your lessons every month:

1. Log into the site if you are not already logged in on the “My Account” page.

2. Once you are logged in you will see two menu tabs under the “Member’s Area” menu tab.  Click on the “Monthly Lessons” tab under the “Member’s Area” on the right hand side of the site.

3. Browse the lessons and select the lessons you want to download this month.  Once you select a lesson, you cannot deselect it so make sure it is the one you want.

4. Once you choose a lesson it appears in a download box at the top of the page.  Click on the lesson and follow the directions to download it to your computer.

5. The “Monthly Lessons” page keeps track of what you have ordered during the current month and what you have ordered in the past from the membership area. (It does not keep track of lessons you have purchased in the Neffmusic store so if you have purchased lessons there be careful you don’t choose them again in the member’s area)  On the first of the next month it resets so you can order 4 or 10 more lessons. (The download page is usually unavailable on the 1st of the month so that it can be reset)   *The monthly lesson page resets at different times around the world.  Depending on where you live it could be unavailable from 6pm of the last day of the month to midnight on the 1st.  Because of this it is not a good idea to try to download your lessons on the night of the last day of the month.

4.How do I cancel my membership?

Canceling your membership is easy.  Just go to the “My Account” page.  Log in if you are not already logged in.  Click on “Subscriptions” and then click on your active Subscription.  Click on Cancel.  Canceling your membership early does not entitle you to a refund, it just stops the subscription from being renewed. Only monthly subscriptions are ongoing.  3, 6 and 12 month subscription end automatically at the end of their term and there is no need to cancel them.

5.I tried to subscribe but it won’t take my email address?  It says it is already registered on the site.  How do I subscribe?

This is happening because you have already registered on the site in the past.   Probably when you purchased a product from the Neffmusic store or if you have had a subscription in the past.   Try using the “lost password” option next to the sign in box.  Once your password is reset you should be able to subscribe.

6.I was really busy last month and forgot to order my lessons. Can I still get them?

No. Think of your membership as similar to a gym membership. You may pay for a gym membership but then you have to make sure you go and use the facilities. The same goes for here. If you pay your monthly membership you can come and download 4 or 10 lessons of your choosing every month at a great price. It is your responsibility to make sure you get the lessons when they are available. (I am working on a method where lessons will not be lost that I hope to implement soon…….)

7.Do I need anything to be able to play or watch the lessons?

All of the lessons are either in audio format(mp3) or Video format(.mov). To play the mp3’s you will need any standard mp3 player like itunes or Windows Media Player (There are many others out there.) To play the videos you will nedd Apple’s Quicktime.  It is a free program that you can download. ( I do not recommend other players like Windows Media Player for .mov files.  A number of people have had problems with WMP. You are better off with Quicktime.

8.Some of the lessons with an intro don’t have sound once the lesson starts.  What’s wrong?

You are most likely using Windows Media Player or another player besides Quicktime to play your lessons.  If you use Quicktime then you will be able to hear the sound………..

9.Can I play these lessons on my iPad?

Yes you can!   But first you must use iTunes to convert them to a format that the iPad can read (If you don’t have access to a computer with iTunes see the next FAQ question below)

Here are the steps to convert them with ITunes:

1. Download the video lesson you bought from on to your computer
2. Open iTunes on your computer
3. Click on “file” at the top left of the screen
4. In the dropdown menu click on “add to library
5. Find the lesson in the box that appears  and click “open” (this can be tricky if you don’t know where the lesson downloaded to.  I always download lessons to a lesson folder I created on my desktop so I always know where they are. If you have no idea where the lesson is you can do a search for it at the top right of this box that opened)
6. iTunes will add it to your “Movies” folder and you should see it on the iTunes screen
7. Click once or twice on the video lesson picture once it appears until it is highlighted
8. Once it is highlighted,  go to the top left again and click on “file
9. Scroll down to “create a new version” and hover over it with your mouse
10. 3 options will appear…..pick either  1. create iPod or iPhone version or 2. Create iPad or Apple TV version
11. iTunes converts it for your phone or iPad and the new version will appear on the “Movies” screen
12. Plug your iPhone or iPad in to your computer and copy the file to it.  Alternatively, if you’re syncing movies to your iPhone or iPad, simply press the “Sync” button.
13. Open the video on your iPhone to ensure that it plays.  Select “Videos.” Tap your video and make sure that both the audio and video tracks work properly.

10.What if I don’t have a computer but only an iPad?   Can I still download to just an iPad?

Yes you can.   I was able to download a zip file from my site to an iPad.  I had to get two free apps but it worked for me.  Here’s what I did:
-Added the apps-downloader for IOS by Savy Soda and Winzip (click on both to answer any preliminary questions and make sure they are running)
-Ordered book on Neffmusic site 
-Went to “my account” page at Neffmusic website Log in if you are not already logged in.
-Look for download under available downloads halfway down the page
Click on link (nothing happens but you see a spinning wheel in the top left corner-you have to patient, the file is downloading)-for some reason it seemed like if I clicked on the Home button of the ipad and then went back to Safari the “open” box was there sooner- it might take a few minutes depending on your internet.
-When it stops spinning a new page opens with the zip file in the middle and it asks what you want to do with it
-Click open with and then choose Winzip
-Winzip will open. Unzip the file and now you can see the contents in Winzip.

11.Once I have the lessons do they expire or self destruct after a period of time?

No, once you download the lessons they are yours to keep. It is your responsibility to make sure you have backups of them in case your computer crashes or some other catastrophic event occurs.     Remember, that these video’s and books are copyrighted materials so please do not share them with others.

12.Once I download the lessons I want what do I do?

Important: The first thing you should do is to make a backup copy of all lessons and books.  Once downloaded, you are responsible to protect and safeguard your materials.   If they are lost and you wish to replace them, they must be purchased again.   After you have done that then all you have to do is………..Practice! Good Luck and have fun!

13. What makes Neffmusic different from other subscription sites?

1.)This site is the only subscription site for saxophone that lets each member download the lessons they choose and keep them for as long as they want. Many lessons come with extensive PDF exercises and can take months to practice and master. At other subscription sites, you can only view the lesson as long as you continue to be a member of the site but at Neffmusic you can download the lesson to your computer and work on it as long as you want or even keep it and decide to work on it years from now.

2.)Each lesson is 30-40 minutes long on average and is a product that is for sale in my Neffmusic store. These are not 5 minute snippets of something but full length lessons that were created to be sold and many include PDF resources and play alongs to help you learn the material as well.