Playing Outside-Altered Pentatonics Lesson 1

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This is the next lesson is my series on playing outside of the changes. In this lesson I have developed a system based off of the common minor pentatonic scale that you know already. In this lesson I talk about how this scale can be altered to change the sound of your lines to be hipper and more “out” sounding. Just a few simple changes to the lines you already know can create some exciting and new sounds in your solos. This lesson comes with a pdf sheet of the 4 altered pentatonic scales. i demonstrate each of the scales and how I use them to a play along so you can hear how they sound against a minor groove.  (Audio & PDF)

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3 reviews for Playing Outside-Altered Pentatonics Lesson 1

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    Thank you for increasing my jazz vocabulary so quickly! Learning the “how’s” and “why’s” of developing one’s pentatonics in this lesson makes me sound like I’ve been playing this way for years! Great work Steve! C.N.

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    Bravo Bravo Bravo! I admire your creativity and I worship your generosity sharing your valuable knowlegde with others! this is pure LOVE man! the 9.99 i paid is a real steal. This is the minor blues pentatonic “mutations” you preaching here, and you inspire me immediately to do something like that on the major blues pentatonics… their substitutions and endless crazy things from there… maybe i can create something original from there too haha…. I love it I love it I love it… i wish i knew all these 20 yrs ago… I bought all of your books and i love them all but this one is the most inspiring one to me! Now i can’t stop digging new ideas and licks from these… Keep up the good work my man!

    Your Faithful Reader from Hong Kong,

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    Jan (verified owner)

    I’ve been buying stuff and practicing mostly approach notes. But recently I started looking at this video. This is the real deal. I hear Branford Marsalis playing the Peacocks, Ravi Coltrane playing In a Sentimental Mood. I finally begin to understand what they are doing. And you’re to blame, 🙂

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