4 Note Groupings-Lesson 4-Crossing the Bar Line



Most jazz improvisation teachers will teach on 4 note groupings at one point or another. I had a few teachers as I was growing up that taught me this way. I remember studying out of “Patterns for Jazz” when I was a kid and working on 4 note groupings in every key. I also studied it with the great jazz improvisation teacher Jerry Bergonzi as well as learning about them at Berklee. To be honest, every time I studied this method when I was younger, I hated it. It was not until years later, as I look back, that I realize the great benefit that these studies had for me.

In this video series, I will try to teach you this concept in a way that is appealing and understandable. In this forth lesson on 4 note grouping, I focus on taking simple 4 note groupings from lesson 1 and teach you how to use them over two bars as you practice playing across the bar lines. As we move through the series you will discover how to use these 4 note groupings as melodic material to use in your improvised solos. This is a great lesson to learn about all the possibilities that a simple four notes can give you. (33 Minute Video Lesson,PDF sheet of 4 note grouping patterns)

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